Summer Safety 101 for Large Breed Dogs: How to Beat the Heat and Have Fun

Summer can be a fun and exciting time for you and your furry friend, but it's important to keep your large breed dog's safety in mind as the temperatures rise. Here are some tips to help keep your furry friend safe and happy during the summer months.

1. Provide Plenty of Water

Large breed dogs need a lot of water, especially on hot days. Make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water at all times. Consider adding ice cubes to their water bowl to keep it cool.

2. Avoid Hot Pavement

Large breed dogs can be more susceptible to heatstroke due to their size. Avoid walking your dog on hot pavement, and instead stick to grassy areas or walk your dog during cooler times of the day.

3. Watch for Signs of Heatstroke

Heatstroke can be a serious and even life-threatening condition for large breed dogs. Signs include heavy panting, lethargy, vomiting, and collapse. If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, seek veterinary attention immediately.

4. Provide Shade

Large breed dogs can overheat quickly in the sun, so make sure they have access to shade to avoid overheating. Consider setting up a canopy or umbrella in your backyard.

5. Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

Even on a mild day, the temperature inside a parked car can quickly rise to dangerous levels for large breed dogs. If you need to run errands, leave your dog at home.

6. Provide Mental Stimulation

Large breed dogs can get bored and restless during the summer months. Provide puzzle toys, hide-and-seek games, or training sessions to keep their minds engaged. Consider taking your dog to a dog park or scheduling playdates with other large breed dogs to provide socialization and exercise.

7. Keep Your Dog Groomed

Large breed dogs with long or thick coats can be more prone to overheating in the summer heat. Keep your dog's coat well-groomed and consider trimming their fur to keep them cool.


By following these tips, you can help keep your large breed dog safe and happy during the summer months. Remember to always prioritize your dog's safety and well-being, and have fun exploring the great outdoors together!

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